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Welcome to Mogul, your online training platform.

While you’re on our site we promise not to track your cookies and use them to target you with marketing that you don’t want.

What’s a cookie we hear you ask?

Cookies are small text files that many websites download to a user’s computer or device when they browse online. Cookies are used to collect information and visitor behaviour data which helps us to track your use of the website and improve the functionality.

The Mogul site, like those we build for our clients only collects single session cookies. These allow us to track your movement from page to page so that you won’t be asked for information more than once. These cookies don’t identify you only your behaviour.

Can you track me in other ways?

We will use Google Analytics but again this doesn’t identify you only your behaviour on the site allowing us to see which pages are popular and how long you’ve spent on them.

What information do you need from me to get a Mogul demo?

We only ask the minimum requirement so that we can give you an introduction to Mogul. We require your name, company name, job title and email address. You can register through the login area of the site and once you’re approved you’ll get access to our Mogul courses which will take you through how to build e-learning courses on Mogul

If I register for a demo will my information be secure?

Mogul is fully compliant with GDPR, meaning you can see all the data that we hold for you within your profile. You can also delete yourself and all personal data from the system.

Currently all data held for those who register for any of our sites is held securely on our cloud server (hosted by Amazon Web Services). Only limited members of our team have access to this data.

If you’d like to see the types of data we hold for registered users, you create a demo account. Alternatively please email [email protected] and ask for details on data held.

Currently all demo logins for Mogul will only be live for 7 days but your data will still exist in the reporting.

Interested in using Mogul to create your own unique online training and engagement platform? We won’t bore you with the T&C’s, here’s an overview of what you’ll be buying and what you’ll own.

Mogul eLearning  
What you own What is owned by Mogul
All intellectual property other than the Mogul code and infrastructure Mogul IP is owned by Black Diamond
All branding Templates built within Mogul are owned by Black Diamond
All images  
All data collected