USA Discovery Programme


Brand USA needed a global training platform but there were no obvious suppliers in the market that allowed for a customised level required this is where we came in.

Client needs

The overall aim was to build a community around the newly created brand, engaging global travel agents with the destination content, and that of their partners and to engage with each other.

Agents needed to be able to choose their own learning pathway through themes that were relevant or regions that matched their business needs. Integrated email needed to be put in place so that user journeys could be followed around the site encouraging, supporting and suggesting new content as it became available.

At a time before peer to peer learning was a key to effective learning, Brand USA identified this as a leading way of identifying their core group of agents and allowing them to share their knowledge with other agents. Peer to peer or social learning is no recognised as being a core part of any training strategy.

What we delivered

Brand USA were able to deliver seven individual platforms in five languages to their global market, on time and within budget.

A responsive web design ensured that training was available whatever the device being used, with the rich imagery being particularly effective on larger devices and desktops for a compelling visual experience – to the point that agents often use the courses to help clients visualise what their holiday itinerary could be.

Interactive maps are the entry point to select each region and theme, with a compulsory Regional Expert course being passed to unlock multiple layers of new content, courses and quizzes.

Once they had unlocked the new courses agents could pick their personal training journey and enjoy a wide range of explorable content. An integrated email solution allowed Brand USA to suggest and encourage more engagement.

Partner content was sold in order to make the platform cost neutral, adding to level of training on destinations and attractions around the US. Where partners had their own platforms this served as an entry level badge that lead the user to their own content. 

A knowledge forum gives agents a place where they can converse and learn, giving Brand USA the opportunity to identify their most engaged users.