Air New Zealand


Air New Zealand was looking for ways to improve brand and product engagement across European agent network. It required an update on all product content being delivered to travel agents globally.

Client needs

Air New Zealand wanted to build a platform to host and share new corporate presentations and track their distribution and use across their European offices. The Head Office marketing team invested in new content and rich visual imagery to be able to present new additions to the airlines fleet. Their concern was that, having invested in creating the new assets that they wouldn’t be presented as designed and would potentially dilute the overall brand image they had created.

To be able to measure engagement and impact, Air New Zealand realised they needed to be able to track which presentations were being used and who was using them.

What we delivered

The Mogul Presentation module is designed to allow teams to create and manage a suite of branded presentations and measure impact through actionable analytics.

Air New Zealand’s presentations included a high level of interactivity including clickable seating configuration plans and pop out details around each cabins facilities. Presenters can quickly and easily navigate through slides, and depending on the audience and time available, can choose whether to skip sections if they aren’t relevant without having to quickly flip through un-needed slides. Multiple languages are available through the platform to cater for all European markets.

The end result is a highly flexible solution that meets all of Air New Zealand’s needs, and allows central control of valuable branded content and messaging.